Our Equipments

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Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)Trimble R33 Unit2008
S-Field Resistivity Meter2 D Type1 Unit2009
Geodetic GPS HandheldJuno SD2 Unit2011
Total StationTopcon4 Unit2009
DCP SondirSondir 2,5 Ton1 Unit2012
Drilling UnitBD Type 100,150, 200 Tone 7210 Unit2010
Personal Tools – GeologistVarious10 Unit2009
Mapping, GIS and Modelling SoftwareVarious5 Unit2010

resistivity_meter_multi_channelThe resistivity meter S-field is designed by a multichannel electrode configuration, full automatic with the current injection sampling every 2-5 seconds. The resistivity measurement could be conducted simultaneous for 16 electrodes, and upgradeable to 32, 64, 128 and maximum 1000 channel. The current source technology is guarded by anti short circuit, for the possibility of very rapid electrode distant or for the lower impendency. The output file format for 2D measurement is complying with Res2D inv software.

Technical Specification

High voltage transmitter
Power: 75 W by 2 x 12 V NiCad Battery
AB voltage: Automatic 500 V (100 mA)
Input voltage: Max 1000 V
AB current: 100 mA current source transmitter with anti short circuit
Injection time : 2 – 5 s

Data acquisition
Resolution: Auto range 5 x 12 bit
DVM impedance: 10 MΩ
Sampling rate: 250 ms
Depth of Penetration: > 200 m (moist soil)

PC controller
Type: IBM compatible
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP

Acquisition and Processing Software
Acquisition: Geo Resistivity Multi Channel
Processing: RES 2Dinv

Control Survey and Fix Position Purpose

geodetic_gps-1The purpose of a control survey is to establish a network of physically monumented coordinate points in and along a corridor that provide a common horizontal and vertical datum for the entire project. Beside the Bench Mark, there are many survey points in a control survey that are not intended as control points. These points are, by their nature, peripheral to a control point, such as unoccupied reference and azimuth marks.

Primary control monuments consist of the horizontal and vertical control monuments established on the ground as the framework for the primary control survey network. This includes the existing control monuments used as reference for the establishment of the primary control network.


Total stations combine electronic theodolites and EDM into a single unit. They digitally observe and record horizontal directions, vertical directions, and slope distances. These digital data observations can be adjusted and transformed to local X-Y-Z coordinates using an internal or external microprocessor. Various atmospheric corrections, grid and geodetic corrections, and elevation factors can also be input and applied. The total station may internally perform and save the observations or (more commonly) these data may be downloaded to an external data collector. With the addition of a data collector, the total station interfaces directly with onboard microprocessors, external PCs, and software.


  • Greaves engine for type BD-100 an BD-150 (100-200m depth)
  • Oil Cooler 150 ltr/min (Taiwan)
  • Engine KUBOTA V2203, Diesel, 4 Cylinders, Electric starter Radiator
  • Hydraulic Pump Double : Vickers/Eaton (USA)
  • Control valve rotary and wire line Double Handle : BLB (USA), Bucher (Italy)
  • Control valve Up Down and Winch Double Handle : BLB (USA), Bucher (Italy)
  • Motor Hydraulic Eaton (USA)
  • Motor Rotary
  • Motor Winch
  • Motor Wire line
  • Pressure Gauge 2 Pcs (Vikers)
  • Double Mast
  • Mast system Cylinder Hydraulic
  • Hydraulic 80 ltr
  • Filter Hydraulic Screen 1 ¼ Inch
  • Filter Hydraulic MPS 100 1 ¼ Inch
  • Hydraulic Foot Clamb (local made)
  • NQ/HQ/HMLC Core Barrel

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